The Intervention

Slop for the Trough 5: Truth and Slop

February 06, 2024 Episode 87
The Intervention
Slop for the Trough 5: Truth and Slop
Show Notes

Another heaping helping of slop for Mr Pig's piglets. On this one we "cherry-pick evidence — some factual, some highly distorted — to push misleading narratives" - according to the Washington Post. We talk bloodthirsty Dems John Fetterman and Nancy Pelosi antagonizing anti-imperialist protestors as well as the defunding of UNRWA. The point in each is to muddy the waters by conflating those taking a principled stand with anti-Semites, puppets of Putin, and pawns of China.

We spend the las half of the episode reading through the Washington Post's "Growing Oct. 7 ‘Truther’ Groups Say Hamas Massacre Was a False Flag." As the election season ramps up expect Trump to fan these anti-Semitic Q-spiracies while Biden links them to the left.

Answer Coalition
The Anti-Imperialist Archive
Jewish Voices for Peace
Middle East Children's Alliance
The Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Palestinian Youth Movement

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