The Intervention

Slop for the Trough 4: A Sloppy New Year

January 02, 2024 Episode 81
The Intervention
Slop for the Trough 4: A Sloppy New Year
Show Notes

A year in review, U.S. Steel brings good news to their shareholders, the pillaging of the Congo, Steve's Reich-wing roundup, and a spark of hope in the smoldering left in the State of Israel.

“Who are the Israeli refuseniks picking jail over the Gaza war?” in Al Jazeera
"U.S. Steel’s acquisition will end a difficult marriage that forged — and constrained — Pittsburgh’s identity" by Christopher Briem in PublicSource
"First Israeli Conscientious Objector of the Gaza War Is Jailed: 'I Know It's the Right Thing'" by Linda Dayan in Haaretz
"Joe Biden: ‘Without Israel, Jews wouldn’t be safe anywhere’" by Rosa Doherty in The Jewish Chronicle
Letter by Senators Hawley, Vance, Rubio to Secretary Yellen Urging CFIUS to Block Sale of U.S. Steel & Protect America’s Industrial Base
"JD Vance opposes sale of US Steel to Nippon" by Olafimihan Oshin in The Hill
"Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo" by Eugene Puryear in Liberation News
"U.S. Steel sale will create new jobs, spark investment in Mon Valley, analyst says" by Justin Vellucci in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"'Youth Against Dictatorship’: Meet Israel’s new class of conscientious objectors" by Oren Ziv in +972 Magazine
"'I refuse to take part in a revenge war’: Israel jails teen for opposing army draft"
by Oren Ziv in +972 Magazine

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