The Intervention

Palestine, Zionism, and Empire, Pt. 9: An-Naksah

November 28, 2023 Episode 76
The Intervention
Palestine, Zionism, and Empire, Pt. 9: An-Naksah
Show Notes

This episode covers a turbulent time period of just under a year between April 1967 and March 1968 when the Third Arab-Israeli War shattered the relationships of Israel to the world and the Palestinian Liberation struggle among its Arab neighbors. Pan-Arabism met an ultimate, humiliating defeat leading the nations of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria lost in the resulting ideological wilderness. The Zionist movements both within the State of Israel and abroad, on the opposite end, felt their ideological commitments bolstered and radicalized to their logical extreme.  In an examination of the Khartoum Resolution and U.N. Article 242 in the larger historical context of our series, we argue Israel's newfound utter and complete belligerence stifled any hopes of a peaceful resolution of the occupied territories - cementing the mythical status of the Battle of Karameh.
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