The Intervention

Palestine, Zionism, and Empire, Pt. 7: Al-Nakba

October 31, 2023 The Intervention Podcast Episode 72
The Intervention
Palestine, Zionism, and Empire, Pt. 7: Al-Nakba
Show Notes

As promised, we finally deal with the Nakba.  Here we dispel the myths around this cataclysmic event  that the State of Israel, and even some of its critical historians, propagate.  The Nakba was an explicit, state-designed policy of murder, destruction, and displacement that cannot be extricated from the Palestinian resistance movement today. 

We additionally tackle  the myth of the "expulsion" of Arab Jews from their home countries by discussing the tragic forced migration of Yemenite Jews into Israel, driven by the Zionist state.  At the heart of this discussion is an analysis of how historical narratives are weaponized to mystify reality.  To build a better world, we must understand the realities of the oppressed and operate on that basis.  We cannot simply replace old myths with new.

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